Terms, Conditions & Important Booking Information


1. Making your Booking
By booking with us you are agreeing to our full terms and conditions which you must acknowledge and agree to on the booking form.

To secure your holiday, please complete the online Booking Form found on the website. The group leader must be at least 18 years of age and, in making the booking, confirms he/she is authorised to make the booking on behalf of the entire group. We will only accept one payment transaction per group for deposits and one payment transaction per group for final payment.

On receipt of a completed signed Booking Form and subject to availability & deposit, the holiday will be confirmed by email attached with your invoice. Please check your invoice carefully as soon as you receive them and contact us immediately if any of the information is incorrect as it may not be possible to make changes later. We cannot accept any liability if we are not told of any inaccuracies within 14 days of receiving your confirmation invoice.

2. Payment
A deposit of 100€ per person (or full payment if booking within eight (8) weeks of departure) must be paid at the time of booking. We must receive the balance of the holiday cost no less than eight (8) weeks prior to your departure. This date is shown on your Confirmation Invoice. If we do not receive the balance in full and in one transaction by this date, we reserve the right to treat your booking as cancelled by you. In this case, the cancellation charges set out in Clause 7 below will be payable.

N.B. Credit card payments do not incur any charge from us. Payment is automatically taken in Euro. Please check with your bank in case they charge you at your end. You can also pay by bank transfer to our UK or French account. Please let us know your preference as soon as possible. We do not accept American Express.

3. Your Contract
A binding contract between Us (Ski Hiver) and You comes into existence once your deposit or full payment has been received and we send our Booking Confirmation Invoice to you or your travel agent. French law code of tourism governs this contract and all matters arising out of it. We both agree that any dispute, claim or other matter, which arises out of or in connection with this contract or your holiday, will be dealt with by the French tribunal.

4. General Information & Check in/out times
The holiday price includes breakfast, afternoon tea and dinner (if a fully catered service is chosen), accommodation and includes all the local French taxes. It does not include travel to and from the resort/chalet, winter sports insurance (Inc. ski insurance), lift passes, ski hire, ski lessons, afternoon tea & evening meal on the staff day off, transfers to and from airports and/or stations to and from the chalet/resort and any other expenses or services.

Check-in is from 5pm/17:00. Your hosts will show you where to leave your bags if you arrive earlier before you grab a coffee or lunch in one of the cafés nearby.
Bedroom Check-out is 8.30am/08:30. You MUST vacate your bedroom by this time to allow the team to start deep cleaning the chalet is readiness for the next guests.
Chalet Check-out is 10am/10:00. You MUST vacate your chalet by this time but you may be allowed to store your bags in a suitable room at the team's discretion. Please ask us either in advance or at the time of your arrival.
5. The Cost of your Holiday
Once you have paid your deposit to book your holiday, the price of your holiday is guaranteed against any change in accommodation or food price changes.

6. Changes by You
We do not charge for changing guest names on the booking form. However, a reduction in group size will be considered a cancellation for all group members being removed and any deposits paid by or for them will not be refunded nor will the cost of the holiday be reduced. We retain the right to refuse any additional guests arriving on either the first day or during your stay with us that have not been either declared at the time of booking or cleared with us in advance. Any such additional guests must pay the full published rate for their stay in advance.

An increase in group size will be accommodated where possible and, unless specified at time of booking, may be subject to additional charges. If we are unable to accommodate an increase in group size, your original holiday booking will remain valid. Any subsequent cancellations will be subject to our cancellation policy below.

7. Cancellation by You (excluding Covid-19 related cancellations)
Should you or any member of your group need to cancel your chosen holiday once it has been confirmed, the group leader must immediately advise us in writing. Your notice of cancellation will only be effective when we have received this in writing. We always try to be understanding and flexible so please always contact us as early as possible if there is any issue with your booking.

As we incur costs from the moment we confirm your booking, the following cancellation charges will apply:
6-8 weeks – Deposit or 50% of the total cost will be charged (whichever is greater)
4-6 weeks – Deposit or 75% of the total cost will be charged (whichever is greater)
4 weeks or less - 100% of the total cost will be charged

All Deposits are non-refundable.
Single room supplements will be charged if a cancellation results in a single room.

8. Amendments and Cancellation by Us (excluding Covid-19 related cancellations)
We reserve the right to make minor changes, if necessary, to your booking which are defined as:

– The provision of an alternative room / similar chalet to that agreed on the booking form.
– Your room not being accessible more than two hours outside of standard check-in/check-out time on the date of your arrival/departure.

In the unlikely event of our being forced to cancel your holiday you will be entitled up to a maximum of 100% refund of your holiday cost.

9. Force Majeure and state of emergency
Ski Hiver cannot accept any liability or pay any compensation or refund where the performance or prompt performance of our contractual obligations is prevented or affected by ‘force majeure’. In these Booking Conditions, ‘force majeure’ means any event which we or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid with adequate preparations.

For clarification, “force majeure” in France must pass three tests:
1) The event must have nothing to do with the company in question
2) The event could not have been foreseen (or if foreseeable, must have been prepared for within reason by the company)
3) The consequences could not have been prevented

Such events may include war or threat of war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, acts of state or government action, pandemics, adverse weather conditions, flooding, fire and all other events, decisions and actions outside our control. Where such changes and cancellations are as a result of a “force majeure”*, we will not be held responsible, and the above refunds will not apply.

10. Covid-19 Cancellation Policy (until further notice)
In the event of a valid cancellation of your holiday due to Covid-19, you will be entitled to a 100% refund of your paid holiday monies to be re-paid as follows:

– 100% of your deposit (up to a maximum of 100€ per person) refunded if your balance has been paid.
– The balance will be refunded in the form of a credit voucher that can be used towards the cost of another week with us within two ski seasons following the cancellation.

The credit value can be used for any holiday with us within the two-season limit. The credit will be offset against the new season’s cost of the holiday as published on our website at the time of booking and includes any special offers. If the new holiday is of a greater value than the credit owed, the difference will be due as a normal payment to us to confirm the booking. If the new trip is of a lower value than the initial trip, no cash refund will be due. If your balance is still outstanding we reserve the right to withold your deposit for costs incurred in preparation for your arrival.

If smaller groups from the original booking want to use their voucher at a different time to the other members, they must show proof of their contribution to the original overall cost of the cancelled holiday before any credit can be issued. This can be used for either winter or summer, whichever is more convenient. If the cost of the holiday is of greater value then the smaller group's credit owed, the difference will be due as a normal payment to us to confirm the booking. If the new trip is of a lower value than the initial trip, no cash refund will be due.

Valid Covid-19 Cancellation reasons that will lead to the utilisation of our Covid-19 cancellation policy are limited to:
– The official closure of the ski resort during your holiday week, for reasons of Covid-19
– An inability to travel to resort, due to official Government travel restrictions; this is either:
– Mandatory travel restrictions put in place by the French government preventing your ability to travel to either France or our resort, or
– Mandatory travel restrictions put in place by the Government of your place of departure, preventing your ability to travel to France.

To clarify, an “inability to travel to resort” relates to your departure date only. Travel restrictions in place prior to your travel date, but no longer in place at the time of your departure do not constitute an inability to travel. For any resort closures/travel restrictions occurring during your stay, the refund policy will apply but only for any nights not spent in the chalet (e.g. you book a 7-night trip, Sat-Fri; if you arrive on Sat, the resort closes on Sun, and you depart on Tue, you will be entitled to a refund of 4 out of 7 nights (Tue-Fri), priced pro-rata.)

We understand that quarantine/isolation can be introduced at any time by the French government or OUR local authority before, during or after your stay with us:
– Enforced quarantine/isolation ten (10) or less days prior to travel - we will refund your deposit and issue you with a credit voucher for the balance which will be valid for two ski seasons.
– Enforced quarantine/isolation during your stay - as we will be providing you a full chalet service as selected, you will not be eligible for a refund or compensation from us.
– Enforced quarantine/isolation post holiday by YOUR local/national authority - you will not be eligible for a refund or compensation from us.

All other reasons will not be considered a valid reason to utilise the Covid-19 cancellation policy, and our standard cancellation policy will apply. These include, but are not limited to:
– an unwillingness to travel (when travel is allowed in the above circumstances)
– an inability to travel due to medical reasons (including any related to Covid-19); such measures should be covered under travel insurance policies, and you are reminded we strongly recommend you take out travel insurance, to cover this and other eventualities.
– individual/household stay-at-home orders (outside of any government travel restrictions as above)

Cancelling your holiday in advance when travel restrictions have not yet been determined for your holiday week will not be considered a valid reason to utilise the Covid-19 cancellation policy. However, you will have the choice of moving your deposit and holiday to one of the following two ski seasons.

Ski Hiver does not accept responsibility if you or any member of your group are denied access to the slopes or resort in general if you do not meet the requirements set out by the resort while you are with us. This can be, but not limited to, due to a lack of Covid-19 vaccination passports or other documents proving that you are fit to use the facilities in and around the resort. No refund or compensation will be given in these circumstances.

It is your and your group's responsibility to take all necessary precautions to remain Covid-19 free which means proof of vaccination or a negative result upon entering France.

It is your responsibilty to buy comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for Covid-19 including placing you in alternative accommodation and repatriation if needed. Ski Hiver accept no liability or responsibility for any positive results while with us and no compensation and/or refund will be given.

The two Season Limit on Covid-19 Credit will be valid for up to two full seasons after the season of cancellation and can be used during the same season if holidays become viable later that same season. For the absence of doubt and as an example:
Covid-19 cancelled holiday date: 13th February 2021 (ski season 20/21)
Holiday credit for cancelled trip can be used:
– Anytime February to April 2021 if the resort re-opens
– Any week during ski seasons 2021/22 or 2022/23
The credit will cease to be valid for any trips after end of ski season 2022/23 and no refund or compensation will be given.

Refunds only relate to the chalet hire and the service chosen. Air tickets, transfers, lessons, partly used ski passes and any other additional extras are not included and not refundable by us. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any refunds or compensation of any amount for any type of repatriation, return trip, officially/self-encorced quarantine or officially/self enforced isolation, post holiday.

11. Ski and holiday insurance
We consider adequate travel insurance essential and we strongly advise all guests take out appropriate holiday insurance and are comprehensively covered for all skiing accidents, other medical issues and for all other unexpected emergencies. We also strongly recommend all guests to be covered for Covid-19, other health risks, refusal of entry to the resort due to failure to follow health and safety guidelines, and potential repatriation. Carré Neige insurance, offered by the French resorts, is also available and can be easily added to your ski lift pass either by us if ordered in advance and before passes are processed or at the ski pass offices on your first ski day.

It is your responsibilty to buy comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for Covid-19 including placing you in alternative accommodation and repatriation if needed. Ski Hiver accept no liability or responsibility for any positive results while with us and no compensation and/or refund will be given.

12. Leisure Facilities
While we make every effort to provide continuation of all of our facilities including our hot tubs and saunas, Ski Hiver cannot be held responsible if they are found to be faulty and not working due to a fault or any other unforeseen circumstances which means it cannot be repaired immediately during your stay.

13. Hot tub & Sauna
We want you to enjoy these facilities as they add a touch of luxury to your stay. However, use of the hot tub and sauna is at your own risk. Ski Hiver and its employees take no responsibility for any accident, injury, health issue or death resulting from the use of these facilities. It is your responsibility to circulate this information to your group members, so they are aware. Failure to treat the facilities with respect resulting in damage will force us to close it down for the remainder of the week and charge you, as group leader, to organise payment of any damage. We strongly urge you to read our hot tub and sauna rules in the information pack we send you and in the chalet book during your stay and ask us for further information if you are unsure of anything.

14. Damage
We trust you to report any damage caused by you or any member of your group during your stay with us. When you book with us, you accept responsibility for any damage or loss to Ski Hiver property caused by you or any member of your group. Appropriate payment for any such damage or loss must be made to Ski Hiver. If you fail to do so you indemnify us against any claims (including legal costs) subsequently made against us because of your actions.

Our damage deposit is 1500€ for all bookings. We reserve the right to keep your credit card details on file to cover any significant damage caused to the chalet, furniture or leisure facility, whether reported or not by you, either during your stay or on final inspection by the team on the day of your departure. This can be while you are still in chalet or after you have left during cleaning and changeover but before the next guests arrive. You will be notified before being charged. Whether you have paid by bank transfer or credit/debit card for your holiday, we will ask for your card details before your arrival so we have it on file as a security measure. By accepting our terms & conditions, you authorise us to charge your credit card for the full amount stated on any invoice given to us by the person brought in to repair the damage. The invoice will be shared with you at the time of billing. Your card details will be kept secure and deleted once our final chalet checks have been made.

15. Complaints and Problems
In the unlikely event that you have any reason to complain or experience any problems with your holiday, you must immediately inform your hosts, representative and/or the supplier of the service(s) in question. Any notification must be put in writing and given to our representative and the supplier as soon as possible. Until we know about a problem or complaint, we cannot begin to resolve it. Most problems can be dealt with quickly. If you remain dissatisfied, however, you must write to us within 28 days of your return giving your Booking Reference and full details of your complaint. We regret we cannot accept any liability in relation to any complaint or claim which is not notified entirely in accordance with this clause. We cannot accept any responsibility for services provided by third party companies not related to Ski Hiver.

16. Behaviour
We expect all clients to have consideration for other people and Ski Hiver property. If in our opinion or in the opinion of any other person in authority, you or any member of your group behaves in such a way as to cause or be likely to cause danger, annoyance or distress to any other third party or the damage to property we are entitled, without prior notice, to terminate the holiday of the person(s) concerned. In this situation the person(s) concerned will be required to leave their accommodation or other services immediately. We will have no further responsibility towards such person(s) including any return travel arrangements. No refunds or compensation will be made, and we will not pay any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination. 

17. Special Requests and Medical Problems
If you have any special requests, you must advise us at the time of booking and clearly noting it on your Booking Submission Form.  Although we will endeavour to pass any reasonable requests to the relevant supplier, we regret we cannot guarantee every request will be met. Failure to meet any special request will not be a breach of contract on our part. We regret we cannot accept any conditional bookings, i.e. any booking which is specified to be conditional on the fulfilment of a particular request. All such booking will be treated as ‘standard’ bookings subject to the above provisions on special requests.

If you or any member of your group has a medical problem or disability which may affect your holiday, please advise us before you confirm your booking so that we can advise as to the suitability of the chosen arrangements. In any event, you must give us full details in writing at the time of booking. If we feel that we cannot properly accommodate the needs of the person concerned, we reserve the right to decline/cancel their reservation. Ski Hiver does not accept any liability for guests staying with us who have not disclosed any medical conditions or restrictions that result in any medical emergency, damage or death.

18. Passports Visas and Health Requirements
A valid passport with at least six (6) months left until expiry is required to enter France. For UK citizens, entry requirements have significantly changed from 1st January 2021. It is your responsibility to check the current information in good time before departure.The EHIC card is no longer valid and it is your responsibility to ensure you are eligible to travel and are in possession of all necessary travel and health documents prior to departure.

All costs incurred in obtaining such documentation must be paid by you. We cannot accept any liability if you are refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to the failure on your part to carry correct documentation. If you or any member of your party is not a European citizen, or holds a non-European passport, you must check passport and visa requirements with the Embassy or Consulate of the country(ies) to or through which you are intending to travel.

19. Website Accuracy
Please note the information and prices shown in this website may change from time to time to keep up to date with price changes and other third-party information and services. Ski Hiver retains the rights to change, update and revise the terms and conditions without prior notice. While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the website and prices, regrettably errors occasionally do occur. Ski Hiver continually checks for these updates but cannot accept any liability for changes missed. You must therefore ensure you check all details of your chosen holiday (including prices) with us at the time of booking.

The website is our sole responsibility. It is not issued on behalf of and does not commit any independent organisation/carriers whose services are featured in it.


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  • "Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much we enjoyed our stay last week. We absolutely loved the chalet, great location! Also wanted to mention how incredible Rosie and Jake were, the food was outstanding and both were brilliant with our son Arlo. We enjoyed it so much that we are thinking about coming back in Feb / March." (Ali Bovis, Caribou, Dec 2019)
  • “I can tell you on behalf of the group that we had an excellent stay and were extremely well looked after by Cat and Clive. They were very attentive to our needs and nothing was too much trouble. The chalets are perfectly positioned for the skiing and village, plus very well appointed. We have had a boys January week in Montchavin every year for the last 10+ and will no doubt be returning in 2021. I will most certainly contact you in the autumn to discuss the next trip.” (Martyn Pacey, Hermine, Jan 2020)
  • “We had a fantastic time. Really couldn’t have asked for better. Pat and Pete were fantastic hosts, and really looked after our every need. They were great to have around; they provided a wealth of knowledge on the area and where to ski and were only too happy to answer our million questions pertaining to every other aspect of skiing in Montchavin. The food was of a great standard, and we honestly enjoyed (aka loved) every meal. The chalet was really nice and clean. This experience was certainly one of our best ski trips ever.” (Tessa Kershaw, Lievre Blanc, Jan 2020)
  • Thank you for allowing us to share your wonderful chalet. We all thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Montchavin, and in your apartment with Pete and Pat. Pete and Pat were awesome, and the food was superb. We had a great time, and will spread the word this side. (Chris Cooke, Lievre Blanc, Jan 2020)
  • We had the most amazing week at Christmas this year. The chalet was great, the other guests were brilliant company, the skiing was awesome, the food was fabulous and Pete and Pat were the perfect hosts. As far as ski holidays go, we don't know how it could get any better! (Kevin Smith, Lievre Blanc, Dec 19)