Catered Chalet Holidays – What’s the Appeal?

If you’ve never before tried out a catered chalet ski holiday, chances are you won’t be familiar with the benefits of doing so. More often than not, folks heading to the slopes will opt for a standard hotel with the board they’re happiest with, or they’ll look into the self-catering options like chalets and apartments. However, the way we see it there’s much to be said for combining the best of all worlds, which is why we recommend catered chalet holidays to anyone hoping to have a real holiday.

What are the benefits of going catered? Here’s a look at just a few arguments to get you started:

You’ll Save Money

First up, the idea of a fully-catered chalet ski holiday might seem like a bit of a luxurious investment, but there’s actually a good chance you’ll save money. If you’ve ever been skiing before, you’ll know that no matter where you are, stuff doesn’t come cheap. More often than not, the bills you’ll amount paying for food and drink for the whole family in all manner of restaurants will end up exceeding that of the holiday itself…always a painful realisation. By contrast, a fully-catered chalet deal means one price paid in advance and nothing else to add to it – your spending money is yours to do as you please with!

You’ll Save Time

The more time you spend on taking care of the domestic duties, the less time you’ll have to spend with your family and on the slopes. As such, whether it’s the cooking, the cleaning, the washing of pots, the shopping for groceries or really anything else of a similar nature, you’re basically wasting your holiday doing the kinds of things that most would not consider recreational. So it’s a pretty simple idea to grasp therefore – make sure the deal you book includes all such matters taken care of on your behalf and you’ll have a ton more time to spend doing what you came away for in the first place. Over a week or so, that hour or two a day really does add up.

You’ll Enjoy the Amenities

Another great thing about booking a catered chalet is the fact that while you may indeed have all your meals cooked for you and the cleaning taken care of, you still get all the amenities you’d expect from a first-class chalet. This means that unlike a hotel room you’ll get plenty of living space, a kitchen with a fridge to keep your goodies and plenty of other stuff that comes as standard with a luxury chalet. Like we said, it’s a case of getting the best of all worlds wrapped up into one.

You’ll Have a Real Holiday

Last but not least, the idea of a holiday is to get away from the kinds of thing you have to do every day at home – not to just go and do them in a different location. So if you’re really intent on enjoying your holiday to its fullest, leave the domestic duties to someone else and concentrate on having fun.

After all, there will be plenty of time to cook and clean when you get back home!

  • Hi, I am sorry its taken so long, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your staff. We loved the chalet. We had a fab time and could not have wished for more. Two very new skiers now hooked and one with rekindled passion. Thank you again Martin, Lou and James
  • Can you please pass on your thanks to your team, especially Kate and Loreen, for a great time we had. What a wonderfully spacious chalet in the lovely village, perfect for families. The food was perfect and plentiful, and the hosting was really friendly and relaxed. Many thanks Dominic, Janice and Murray Pearson
  • Thanks for a great week – your organisation was faultless with ski passes and lessons available as promised on arrival, the ski hire was so convenient being run “in house” and the quality met everyones requirements. Transfers were the easiest I have experienced in 30 years of skiing
    Richard Abbott
  • Just wanted to say thank you very much on behalf of all our party for a brilliant week’s holiday. The chalet was lovely, the food superb and our chalet girls, Emily and Zoe, absolutely excellent. You even managed to organise amazing weather for us. I would definitely consider booking with you again.
    Jane Blake